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Loveless, Unhappy and Failing Marriages – The Full Course

Saying your vows that faithful day, I bet you never thought to yourself that it would get to this point! You do deserve to be happy again! I believe you do! Everyone deserves to be happy. We all deserve to have a happy marriage. I do and I think you do too. I know things can sound really confusing right now, that feeling of been overwhelmed by whether or not we are going to lose our marriage, whether we have been the best parent/examples to our kids, or that dreadful thought of how a failing marriage can affect our kids future. I know it’s all there! And you know what?!

Now isn’t the time to give up!

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Someone has to pay the price to put in effort to save a marriage, “I really have to do something”, that was what was in my head till I got in front of my company’s board.

“We need to help save marriages, help save kids that suffer emotionally from broken marriages” this was the first thing I found myself saying. I told them I wanted to pass value and knowledge in the little way I can. I believe the amount you know is just the difference, if we can get exposed to the in-depth knowledge of love, we could be fighting failing marriages and divorces around the globe. The result of that meeting is what brings us to now!

The Full eCourse on Loveless, Unhappy and Failing Marriages,

20 Lectures, Complete Section Quizzes and To- Do Exercises just towards helping you save and fix that unhappiness and loveless-ness you are feeling in your marriage and family.

I have taken the time to research to the best of my knowledge possible causes of a failing and unhappy marriage and made each and every lecture to hit a problem on the head! This ranging from dealing with sexless-ness, to fixing a loveless unhappy marriage, and also saving a marriage from divorce amongst many other solutions this course has got to offer.

Not convinced? See what other married spouses had to say about taking my course.

Didn’t want to take the course seriously at first, I was so fed up with my marriage, didn’t know how just one course would help…..I am so glad I did, I have now put in effort to change my marriage and to my great surprise, I am seeing a difference. – Vivian, Alaska USA

It is so surprising how this course hits the nail on the head…no meandering, tells you where you went wrong and what you should do…straight forward..5 star from me – Jeremy, Ethopia

I mostly love the part where Dr. Date emphasizes the fact that fixing your marriage is a do-do kinda thing not just a read-read thing….this alone has helped change my mentality and greatly affected my marriage positively – Linda, London

I was almost filing for a Divorce…contacted Dr. Date through the email and he responded faster than I could think he would….he was so helpful – Undisclosed Ohio USA

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Over 50 students that took this course when it was opened last year can’t be wrong. Can they? Believe me, I am not trying to just sell you a course, I want to expose you to the laws most happily married couples have lived by for years and are still living by. Atleast if you wouldn’t do it for anything else, do it for your kids. They deserve to be happy too you know. Work with me on this and let’s get your marriage to flourish once again.

What do you have to lose? You know you get all these right?

  1. Money Back Guarantee, We Offer Full Refunds: You don’t like what you are getting, you get you money back. {T&C Applies}
  2. Over 50% off if you. Register now!
  3. Get unlimited access to a my 24/7 rapid response counselling email
  4. Over 70% Off Advanced Marriage Courses you want to take with us!
  5. The Full Course; Save your Marriage and be Happy again See Outline Below:

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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Overview
Lecture 2What are the Signs Of a Loveless & Unhappy Marriage
Section Quiz
Section 2Let's Make the Fix
Lecture 3o Tablet 1 - Building Broken Trust might not be the first thing- Re-Igniting Emotion Is!
Section Quiz
Section 3Still On the Fix
Lecture 4o Tablet 2 – Understanding Personality Difference/ Respecting Boundaries
Lecture 5o Tablet 3 – Your Own personality and how it makes your partner feel
Lecture 6o Tablet 4 – The Power to try!
Lecture 7o Tablet 5 – Stepping you up!
Lecture 8Quick Survey
Section 4Tapping Into Emotions
Lecture 9o Tablet 6 – The Spice of Romance
Lecture 10o Tablet 7 – It’s a Full time Job- Give in your Time!
Lecture 11o Tablet 8 – Communication
Lecture 12o Tablet 9 – Build Broken Trust
Lecture 13o Tablet 10 – The Pillar of Saying “Sorry”
Lecture 14o Tablet 11 – The Silly things matter!
Section 5Let's Get Kinky
Section 6The Laws
Lecture 16o Tablet 14 – The Power of Teamwork!
Lecture 17o Tablet 15 – The Outer Circle – The Backstab from Friends
Lecture 18o Tablet 16 – It takes two to tangle – The “Two-in-mind” Rule
Section 7Almost there
Lecture 19o Tablet 17 - Going through Physical abuse?
Lecture 20o Tablet 18 – Beyond the Physical

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